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Evotrex at a glance

Evotrex is an indoor localization hardware and software solution that provides a unique, stable and accurate localization and path tracking in heterogeneous environments, with minimal infrastructure requirements, based on reliable and easily accessible sensors.



The basis for everything is our unique, stable and accurate localization based on hybrid sensor fusion enabling new user cases for your enterprise

Tag only tracking

As our technology enables beacon free operation, minimal installation is required, providing a cost-efficient system due to minimal required investment for the necessary equipment.

Real-time tracking

Let it be an operator, an asset or a vehicle, our solution enables a 0.6 – 1 meter accuracy which helps controlling and managing your operations on an unprecedented level.



We provide optimization for routes, storage spaces or even for your whole supply chain by enabling end to end picking route optimization on an operator or a vehicle level in real -time.


Accident detection

Accidents won’t get unnoticed anymore, let it be an asset or a vehicle thus preventing finding out too late.

Geo fencing

We provide notifications when users enter or exit certain or even restricted areas, supplementing your existing security measures.



Assets and vehicles monitoring is further enhanced as we supplement or replace existing solutions.


The routes of your vehicles or assets will not be a mystery anymore, our heatmaps will help you to understand and optimize them based on your needs.



Units will be picked from the correct shelf and we also validate the storage space where they have been put.


As Evotrex is available both from cloud but also on-premise, it is easy to scale but also to integrate into secure systems.


Sensor fusion

Using smart motion and activity detection we are able to choose the most accurate algorithm for any type of movement, be it human bipedal motion, manual lift and shift, or vehicle transport. By utilizing the anomalies in the local magnetic, RF fields we can also determine the position, without requiring the complex installation of expensive hardware.

Custom hardware

Off the shelf hardware, such as smartphones, are often cost-prohibitive and limited by internal resources, to provide an affordable and scalable solution to industrial requirements. With our custom hardware and installation-free setup Evotrex provides a solution to the frequent logistics problems, such as geofencing, picking-assist systems, safety, security, storage optimization and so on.


András Cserényi – CEO

More than 17 years of professional and managerial experience in the development and implementation of large domestic and international IT projects and their sales. Formerly a sales manager of development companies, he has been leading a software development company, which has been operating in domestic and international markets since 2005.

Péter M. Palotás – CTO

As CTO, Peter is responsible for making strategical decisions related to the technology of Evotrex. He plays a key role in connecting the research and development teams, ensuring that the technical and business sides are aligned, delivering high quality and reliable software to our customers. Peter has studied Mathematics and Computer Science at ELTE and Business and management at GDF, and has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer.


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